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7 Port USB 3.2 Gen 1 Mini Powered Hub

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Update time : 2023-09-22 13:48:03
  USB 3.2 Gen 1 powered hub with industrial-grade chassis and surface mounting flanges. The HUB is a 5V DC input, generation 1 USB 3.2 Gen 1 hub with ESD and Surge protection. This USB 3.2 Gen 1 Hub will support fast charging for Apple and Galaxy devices. Each port is protected individually to help keep your peripherals safe.
  The USB 3.2 Gen 1 Hub uses a GL 3510 chip, each port is on an individual circuit to maintain high current and protection. The GL3510 Hub controller chip features native fast-charging and complies with USB-IF battery charging specification rev1.2.
USB 3.2 Gen 1 powered hub
  Compliant with USB 3.2 Gen 1 Specification
  Upstream port supports Super-Speed (SS), High-Speed (HS) and Full-Speed (FS) traffic
  Downstream ports support SS, HS, FS, and Low-Speed (LS) traffic
  1 control pipe and 1 interrupt pipe
  Backward compatible to USB specification Revision 2.0/1.1
  Compliant with USB Battery Charging Revision v1.2, supporting CDP, DCP, and ACA-Dock
  Downstream ports can be turned from a Standard Downstream Port (SDP) into Charging Downstream Port (CDP) or Dedicated Charging Port (DCP)
  Downstream devices can be charged while upstream VBUS is not present, which can be applied on wall charger applications
  Upstream port is capable of charging and data communicating simultaneously for portable devices supporting ACA-Dock or proprietary charging protocols
  Compatible with Windows 7, 8,10,11, Linux and Mac OS X
USB 3.2 Gen 1 powered hub
  Chip: GL3510
  USB 3.2 Gen 1 Gen Compliant
  Supports High Speed and Full Speed transmit and Receive
  Complies with USB-IF battery charging specification rev1.2
  Automatic switching between self-powered and bus-powered modes
  Item Dimensions: 4.61"(L 5.57" w/ears) x 1.85(W) x 1.16(H)
  Item Weight: .56 lbs. (5.2 oz)
  Package Contents:
  USB 3.2 Gen 1 7-Port Hub
  6 Amp 5V DC Mini-Switching Power Adapter
  3ft. USB A to B Cable for Hub
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