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2-port Thunderbolt 3 KVM docking station

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Update time : 2023-08-29 15:09:22
  The Thunderbolt 3 KVM docking station is a dual-computer KVM docking station, creating an efficient working environment for you. You can directly share Thunderbolt devices, dual-screen setups and USB peripherals to two computers via a single cable.
  This docking station allows two computers equipped with Thunderbolt 3 to share peripheral devices at an ultra-high data transmission speed of 20Gbps. Switching with peripherals.
  Through the function of daisy-chaining up to five Thunderbolt devices, the US7220 can connect up to 11 peripheral devices, including Thunderbolt screens and video capture devices. Other connectable devices include USB storage devices, printers, high-definition camera, keyboard, mouse, etc.
KVM docking station
  Product Features:
  Compatible with Thunderbolt 2.0, data transfer rate up to 20Gbps
  Connect 11 devices to a laptop with a single Thunderbolt cable*
  Dual Thunderbolt ports for connecting to two Thunderbolt hosts
  One Thunderbolt port to connect to one Thunderbolt device, and up to five other devices can be daisy-chained
  Gigabit Ethernet port
  The HDMI connection port can support an additional HDMI display
  Support three USB 3.1 Gen 1 connections, data transfer rate up to 5Gbps
  Two USB 2.0 ports, data transfer rate up to 480Mbps
  Through Mini TOSLINK, it supports Dolby and DTS direct high-quality audio signals, and supports 2.1-channel audio sources through a 3.5mm audio cable
  Analog / digital audio input and output
  Support HDMI 1.4b 4K (UHD) resolution
  Support DisplayPort 1.2 4K (UHD) resolution
  Equipped with eSATA port for storage devices