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The difference between RTSP protocol, RTMP protocol and HTTP protocol

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Update time : 2023-12-14 11:50:18
  Common points:
  1: RTSP RTMP HTTP are all in the application layer.
  2: In theory, both RTSP, RTMP and HTTP can be used for live broadcast and on-demand, but generally RTSP RTMP is used for live broadcast and HTTP is used for on-demand. When doing video conferencing, the SIP protocol was originally used, but now it has basically been replaced by the RTMP protocol.
  the difference:
  1: HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol (ftp, File Transfer Protocol).
  HTTP: (Real Time Streaming Protocol), real-time streaming protocol.
  The full name of HTTP is Routing Table Maintenance Protocol.
  2: HTTP processes all data as files. The http protocol is not a streaming protocol. RTMP and RTSP protocols are streaming media protocols.
  3: The RTMP protocol is Adobe's private protocol and is not fully public. The RTSP protocol and the HTTP protocol are shared protocols and are maintained by specialized agencies.
  4: The RTMP protocol generally transmits flv and f4v format streams, and the RTSP protocol generally transmits ts and mp4 format streams. HTTP has no specific stream.
  5: RTSP transmission generally requires 2-3 channels, and the command and data channels are separated. HTTP and RTMP generally transmit commands and data on one TCP channel.