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PCIe3.0x1 to 10-port SATA6G expansion card

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Update time : 2023-12-15 10:38:45
  Product introduction
  • This universal expansion card will allow users to add 10 independent SATA6G interfaces to desktop computers or servers, and the data transmission rate of each port can reach 6Gbps. It uses PCIE3.0 x1 bus bandwidth and has PCIE3.0 bandwidth that is twice as fast as PCIE2.0. Supports hot-swap, supports system boot disk, enlarges heat sink design, and has high-speed and stable performance. It is widely used in servers, industrial computers, consumer electronics equipment, storage devices and NVR/DVR systems. It is a solution launched to solve users' external multi-disk storage needs.
expansion card
  • PCI-Expess3.0 1-lane interface, can be used for 1X, 4X, 8X, 16X and other PCIe slots
  • Compliant with PCI Express Base Specification Revision 3.1a
  • Compliant with Serial ATA Port Multiplier, version 1.2
  • Compliant with Serial ATA port selection, version 1.0
  • Compliant with Serial ATA PHY Electrical Specification Revision 1.0
  • Compliant with SATA specification revision 3.2
  •Support 10-port SATA interface
  •Support asynchronous reset signal
  • Speed auto-negotiation
  •Supports BIST and loopback modes
  •Support SATA port doubling
  •Support hot-swappable
  •Support cascade mode
  •Support AHCI mode and IDE programming interface
  • Supports local command queue (NCQ)
  •Support SATA link power saving mode (partial and hibernation)
  •Support SATA plug-in detection
  •Support drive power control and staggered start
  •Support SATA Partial/Slumber power management
  system requirement
   • Windows OS
  • Linux
  •Mac OS
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