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Which is better, HDMI extender or HDMI extension cable?

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Update time : 2023-07-01 10:34:28
  HDMI extenders are widely used in all fields that require HDMI signal allocation and combination, such as: military industry, multimedia teaching, video conference, large-screen display, exhibitions, finance, scientific research, weather, supermarkets, conference systems and other fields, HDMI extenders The use of can ensure long-distance signal transmission without attenuation.
HDMI extenders
  Advantages of HDMI extender:
  1. The HDMI single network cable extender is directly plugged into the playback terminal (such as: Blu-ray DVD) and display terminal (such as: HDTV), without the need for HDMI copper cables, which is convenient for installation and wiring, and also greatly saves costs.
  2. The transmission distance is long. The transmission distance of the mini HDMI single network cable extender can reach 100 meters in the 1080P 60 format, and it also supports 1080P30, 720P60, and 1080i format signals.
  3. The network cable connection technology is mature, even if it is damaged during the construction project, it will not cause any serious problems, and it is easy to repair. Unlike the HDMI data cable, which is thick and not easy to bend, once it is damaged, it is basically impossible to repair it.
  4. Using a network cable as a high-definition transmission medium saves 50% in cost compared to direct transmission with HDMI data cables. It can be said to be the most economical and affordable choice for long-distance transmission in HDMI data cables.
  5. The wiring construction is simple and convenient. The long-distance HDMI cable has a thick diameter and poor flexibility. The most important thing is that it cannot be repaired after damage. However, the network cable wiring technology is very mature and easy to construct.
  The HDMI extender uses a CAT5 or CAT6 cable to extend the high-definition signal up to 60 meters, and can reach 1080P. It not only breaks the limitation of HDMI cable transmission length, but also is more convenient and flexible, and saves costs for customers. The products provide solutions for applications such as places with restrictions on noise, transmission distance and security, data center control, information distribution, presentations in conference rooms, as well as teaching environments and corporate training places.
HDMI extenders
  Advantages of HDMI cable:
  [Feature 1: Stable power supply] Originally created with the function of taking power, it can work through the HDMI port to take power, and can also be connected to an external USB socket to take power to meet the needs of different markets, stable and practical.
  [Feature 2: Built-in repeater, suitable for pre-embedding]: The product has a built-in IC chip repeater to amplify the signal, provide compensation for cables attenuated by length, and perfectly support 1080P/3D, etc. The OD of the metal repeater is less than 20MM, which has better heat dissipation and longer service life, and is suitable for pre-buried cables through pipes.
  [Feature 3: Brand Details, Confidence Guarantee]: High-grade anti-pressure carton packaging, perfect protection, a manual is included to indicate the direction of use, and the worry-free cable has a marked direction, and the practical cable has a marked length, which is easy to distinguish The high-grade Velcro reel is more tidy, and there is no mark on the crimping HDMI plug 24K gold-plated, metal shell, more anti-oxidation, higher contact sensitivity HDMI built-in repeater, metal shell, good heat dissipation, longer life HDMI cable is standard version 1.4 Tinned copper (5 pairs of 4 cores + braiding + aluminum foil multi-layer shielding), anti-interference..
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