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Why Game Live Streaming Favors Video Capture Cards

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Update time : 2023-05-18 09:28:56
  With the hot development of game e-competition + webcasting, more and more gamers also want to try to become a game anchor to show off their outstanding game operation skills. So, what equipment do you need to prepare to become a game anchor? In addition to the existing game equipment, a good HDMI high-definition video capture card must be indispensable!
  1. What is an HDMI video capture card?
  The HDMI video capture card can capture the HDMI audio and video signals output by mobile phones, PCs, game consoles, etc., and input them into the notebook computer, and then use the live streaming software for editing, live streaming or recording backup.
HDMI video capture card
  2. Why use a video capture card for live game broadcasting?
  1. Output higher-definition video signals
  The HDMI video capture card can capture and output ultra-high-definition video signals, so that the resolution of the live video screen can be increased to ultra-high-definition, allowing users to get a better viewing experience. For example, the superior HDMI video capture card supports 1920x1080@60HZ video live broadcast, which meets the mainstream resolution of video streaming on popular live broadcast websites, and is compatible with major mainstream computer systems, no need to install drivers, plug and play.
  2. Ease the burden on the CPU and graphics card
  Using the HDMI video capture card for game live broadcast can reduce the CPU usage and the burden on the graphics card, and is more in line with the high-standard and high-demand game live broadcast needs. For example, the dual-machine live broadcast mode, one game and one live broadcast, and the two machines are synchronized without interfering with each other, ensuring that the game screen does not drop frames, the live broadcast is smooth and does not freeze, and it can also improve the game experience of the anchor during live broadcast and reduce the interference of the audience barrage on the anchor .
  3. Realize laptop live streaming
  Nowadays, many notebook computers cannot support the HDMI IN function, and cannot receive HDMI video signals output by signal sources such as PCs and game consoles. At this time, HDMI video capture cards are needed to make up for the shortcomings! Superior’s HDMI video capture card has two options, USB-A and Type-C, to meet the connection needs of different notebook devices; and it is light and portable, and it does not feel inconsistent with a notebook, which is convenient for players to broadcast games anytime, anywhere.
  3. Application of HDMI video capture card in game live broadcast
  1. Game host live broadcast
  During live broadcasting of game consoles such as Switch, PS, and XBOX, the video signal of the game console must first be transmitted to the live broadcasting computer, and then the streaming software is used to push the live broadcast. In this process, the HDMI video capture card plays an indispensable role.
  2. Live broadcast and recording of large-scale games on PC
  Due to the running of the game itself and the streaming of the live broadcast, the single-machine video card live broadcast consumes a lot of system resources. In this case, it is a test of the computer hardware performance. If the computer hardware configuration is not powerful enough, it is prone to vicious chain reactions such as game freezes, frame drops, live broadcast delays, and even crashes. Therefore, if it is a large-scale game live broadcast on the PC side, it is recommended to use the superior video capture card for dual-machine live broadcast.
  The dual-machine live broadcast mode based on the HDMI video capture card allows the two computers to work together and reduce the load on the graphics card and processor, so that the game screen does not drop frames, and the corresponding live broadcast will be very smooth. In addition, the screen recording game screen can be synchronized through the software, which is convenient for subsequent editing, re-creation and promotion.
  3. Mobile game live broadcast
  Due to the popularity of mobile games such as LOL and Glory of Kings, the mobile game live broadcast industry has also become hot. More and more mobile game players will use third-party platforms to wirelessly cast mobile game screens to PCs for live broadcasting. Although many live broadcast platforms have built-in screen projection functions, the wireless projection effect is very unstable, the sound is intermittent, and there is even a delay effect, which especially affects the perception of fans. In contrast, the HDMI cable video capture card captures the video signal of the fierce battle of the mobile game, and synchronously inputs it to the laptop terminal to bring a more stable, high-definition and smooth live broadcast image.
  Currently, with the rapid development of the live broadcast industry, the competition among anchors is becoming more and more fierce. In order to maintain continuous popularity growth, in addition to the attractiveness of the content of the live broadcast room and the anchor's own strength, it is necessary to pay more attention to the feelings of the audience. A good video capture card can capture 1080P high-definition quality without delay, and ensure stable high-definition video live streaming. This kind of live broadcast is more attractive to the audience!