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Classification of mobile hard disk drivers

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Update time : 2023-08-24 10:02:02
  The mobile HDD driver is the software used to connect the computer and the mobile HDD, which enables the computer to recognize and operate the mobile HDD. During use, if the corresponding driver is not installed, the computer cannot communicate with the mobile HDD, and cannot read or write data. Therefore, the mobile HDD driver is one of the necessary software for using the mobile HDD.
  There are many types of mobile HDD drivers, and different brands of mobile HDDs need to use corresponding drivers. Generally speaking, when purchasing a mobile HDD, the corresponding driver will be randomly given for installation. If there is no CD or the driver is outdated, you can download and install it from the official website or a third-party website. Before installation, you need to select the appropriate driver according to your operating system.
HDD driver
  According to different hardware manufacturers, mobile HDD drivers can be divided into the following categories:
  Western Digital (WD) Portable HDD Driver:
  Western Digital is a company specializing in data storage and protection. The mobile hard drives produced include MyPassport, MyBook and other series. Downloading and installing the corresponding driver can make the Western Digital mobile HDD run stably on the computer.
  Kington (Kington) mobile HDD driver:
  Kington is a manufacturer specializing in storage and memory products. Its mobile hard drives include HyperXSavage, DataTraveler and other series. Download and install the corresponding driver, so that the Kington mobile hard drive can run efficiently on the computer.
  Seagate (Seagate) mobile HDD driver:
  Seagate is a company specializing in storage and backup solutions. Its mobile hard drives include BackupPlus, ExpansionPortable and other series. Downloading and installing the corresponding driver can enhance the performance and stability of Seagate mobile HDD.