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U.2 Thunderbolt/USB4 hard disk enclosure

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Update time : 2023-10-27 16:45:57
  U.2 Thunderbolt/USB4 hard disk enclosure, aluminum alloy surface sandblasting oxidation appearance, built-in active cooling fan, strengthen air circulation and heat discharge, double heat dissipation is not afraid of high temperature, so that the equipment runs stably, quickly dissipates heat, refuses to be hot, and has good compatibility. Support Thunderbolt/USB4.0, the maximum transmission rate is 40Gbps. Support U.2 interface, transmission mode PCIe 3.0×4 maximum transfer rate of 32Gbps
hard disk enclosure
  1、① 1*SFF-8639 R/A female socket, support PCIE Gen3 ×4 data transfer, support U.2 SSD and U.2 to NVME conversion board, maximum transfer rate of 32Gbps, ;
  2、② 1*TYPE-C Thunderbolt/USB4 port with a maximum transfer rate of 40Gbps, (backward compatible USB3.2 Gen2*2 Maximum transfer rate: 20Gbps; Backward compatible USB3.2 Gen2 with a maximum transfer rate of 10Gbps; Backward compatible USB3.1 maximum transfer rate of 5Gbps; );
  3、③ 1*DC port, power adapter supports DC 12v/3A (Min), single connection DC no voltage needs to be connected to PC;
  4、④ 1* Power switch, toggle switch,Support direct power on after power off;
  5、⑤ 1* Active cooling fan, the product has fan active heat dissipation function, power-on fan turn off power off and stop;
  6、⑥ 1* Power indicator, even the computer is always on, single connection DC is not on;