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M.2 dual-protocol dual-interface direct-plug hard disk enclosure

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Update time : 2023-10-27 13:50:45
  M.2 dual-protocol hard disk enclosure-TYPEC/USB dual interface plug-in
hard disk enclosure
  Appearance: Gray aluminum alloy shell, equipped with USB/TYPE C dual interfaces, and black dust-proof protective shells on both sides, which can effectively protect the interfaces. The dual-interface direct plugging also brings a very convenient experience.
  Functional aspect: It adopts a main control chip with 10Gbps transmission bandwidth, which can realize 1G file transfer in 1 second (SATA hard disk has 6Gbps bandwidth), and can support M.2 SSD hard disks with a size within 2280, which can be used by computers and notebooks.
  Product compatibility: Supports M.2 dual-protocol solid-state drive, whether it is M.2 SATA or M.2 NVME, it is very convenient and can be done with one hard drive box. It is also compatible with WIN system, MAC system, and LINUX system, and can be used. Driver-free is required for WIN7 and above.
hard disk enclosure
  Application scenarios: It can be used with computers, notebooks, and mobile phones (which need to support OTG). It can be used in different scenarios. It is easy to carry and small in size. You can just stuff it into your bag.