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12-in-1 vertical docking station with DisplayLink support

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Update time : 2023-11-29 10:03:10
  How DisplayLink technology works
  The principle of this technology is to embed a high-speed DisplayLink chip on the display device and install the DisplayLink driver on the computer to achieve signal conversion and automatic modulation between the GPU and CPU.
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  It will also automatically compress the video data content according to the CPU and USB bandwidth, and quickly transmit it to the DisplayLink device through the USB data cable, so that users can hardly feel the delay.
  Devices that support DisplayLink
  In addition to the two monitors mentioned above, there are currently some wireless VR products, USB monitors, USB adapters, Type-C docking stations and other products on the market equipped with this advanced technology.
  For example, Purplelec recently launched a 12-in-1 vertical desktop docking station, which is equipped with a high-speed DisplayLink chip. As long as the computer's USB-C port supports data transmission, it can transmit video signals.
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  This docking station integrates 12 interfaces into one, with 3 video output interfaces (1 DP and 2 HDMI), supporting up to 8K@30Hz video output, and 2 10Gbps USB interfaces, which can also be connected through DisplayLink technology Perform video output.
  Users can connect this docking station through a laptop to easily connect three external displays. It also supports expansion and mirroring modes, and can freely switch to the mode they want.
  The official showed 4 screen projection modes, namely four-screen differential display in expansion mode, three-screen differential display in expansion + mirror mode, two-screen differential display in expansion + mirror mode, and four-screen mirroring mode. Simultaneous display, application scenarios are very wide.
  The future development of DisplayLink
  In the early days, DisplayLink was very limited in its application to the USB 2.0 protocol. Now it has been upgraded to the USB 3.0 protocol and can support more devices. In the current era when the display market price is gradually becoming more acceptable to the public, multi-screen application scenarios will become more widespread.
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  However, the shortcoming of DisplayLink technology is that it is currently unable to carry huge bandwidth, which means it cannot be used on high-resolution displays (4K@60Hz, 8K@60Hz). It is expected that subsequent updates will make up for this regret and allow consumers to You can enjoy the most advanced technology and the most convenient experience.
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