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Dual 4k 60hz Gigabit network card USB-C gen2 USB3.0 Displaylink docking station

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Update time : 2023-11-29 10:10:31
  Dual 4k 60hz Gigabit network card USB-C gen2 USB3.0 Displaylink docking station
Displaylink docking station
  Expand your workstation and connect to virtually any laptop with the universal USB-C® DV4K docking station with 100W of power and a traditional host power kit. The dock is designed to support and power a variety of laptops and operating systems, including Windows®, macOS®, Android™, Chrome OS™ and Ubuntu®.
  Enjoy crystal-clear 4K video with support for up to two monitors simultaneously via two HDMI and two DisplayPort™ connections. Plus, connect all your favorite accessories like mice, keyboards, hard drives, and more via a combination of USB-A (4 USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A ports) and USB-C (1 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C). and Ethernet and audio ports.
Displaylink docking station
  Supports dual DisplayPort™ and HDMI monitors
  The USB-C® Universal DV4K Dock with 100W of power is Thunderbolt™ 3 compatible, but that’s just the beginning. Enjoy two DisplayPort™ or two HDMI ports (or a mix of both) with dual monitors and create images in 4K Ultra HD. Compare photos, documents, spreadsheets at work, or browse emails easily between screens. Enjoy compatibility in one place with a powered docking station.
  Connect and power USB-A and USB-C host devices
  DOCK192 is truly universal, connecting to and powering USB-A and USB-C laptops. You can power any USB-C host up to 100W with the included Leg-acy Host Power Kit
  Wi-Fi Auto Switching: Automatically enables/disables Wi-Fi functionality when the dock’s Ethernet connection is active, reducing unnecessary network traffic and enabling faster connection speeds.
  MAC Address Cloning: Automatically replaces the MAC address of a connected Targus Ethernet network adapter with any (wired Ethernet, wireless Ethernet, Bluetooth) MAC address of the local host, supporting device-based authentication methods.
  Ghost device removal: Clear old, potential Targus docking devices from the local registry to prevent registry bloat.
  Targus A/V Configuration Utility: Restores audio configuration, icons, and first-level application window positions to an external monitor when reconnecting to a previously used Targus docking station.
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