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Features of USB Type-C docking station

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Update time : 2023-07-18 10:33:48
  The docking station is mainly used to expand the digital equipment of the notebook computer function. The docking station generally has multiple interfaces, which can be used to connect more external devices, such as U disk, large-screen monitor, keyboard, mouse, scanner and other equipment. It can solve the problem that the interface of the notebook computer itself is not enough. Using the docking station allows users to enjoy the convenience and comfort of a desktop computer in the office, and it can also take advantage of the portability of mobile office.
  The current mainstream docking stations support interfaces: USB-A, USB-C, Micro/SD, HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, 3.5mm headphone jack, RJ45 network cable interface, etc.
docking station
  The function of the docking station
  data transmission:
  For professionals who need a lot of graphic design, photography or video editing, the most important thing is high-speed and efficient file transfer. The slow transmission speed will greatly hinder your work progress, and the new docking stations on the market now usually support the expansion of two or more USB3.1 or Thunderbolt transmission interfaces, which can easily provide you with 10Gbps or even 40Gbps super High speed transmission. In addition, the extra SD/TF slot of the docking station can also ensure that whether you connect an SD/TF card, U disk or external mobile hard disk, all file transfers can be completed at one time through the docking station.
  Video transmission:
  In order to pursue more efficient work, many people tend to project the content of the notebook to a larger monitor through an external connection. But if the notebook you are using does not have a video transmission interface, it will be difficult to achieve. The docking station can just solve this problem. The docking station currently on the market is usually equipped with an HDMI interface, which can be compatible with other devices such as TVs, monitors, projectors, etc., and supports 4K or above resolution, helping you complete video transmission. At the same time, it also provides higher-definition display output.
  Gigabit network:
  Although the current wireless network coverage is very popular, its unstable characteristics will still cause some inconvenience, especially at special moments, network delays and freezes may bring unexpected disasters to your work. And through the Gigabit Ethernet port attached to the docking station, there is always one more way to connect to a stable network, and it will never go wrong.
  fast charging:
  Most adapters and simple hubs do not support charging laptops. This means that if you use them for device expansion, in addition to using one port for the hub, you need to use another port for the laptop charger. This will cause you a lot of inconvenience, especially if you need to move frequently.
  With a docking station equipped with a Power Delivery direct charging interface, you only need to plug the charging cable of the laptop into the PD input interface of the hub to charge while working. It is worth noting that some charging ports support the fast charging protocol, while others only support normal charging, so remember to consider your own needs when purchasing.
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