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How to solve the splash screen problem of type c hub docking station

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Update time : 2023-07-06 11:41:17
  How can we solve the flickering screen and instability after the docking station is connected to the computer? Generally, this kind of situation occurs when the cable end is processed. So what are the reasons?
  1. If the high-speed transmission does not meet the GEN1 standard, when an external monitor is connected, the video will flicker and the transmission speed will be slow.
  2. The quality of the plug is poor, which has a great impact on crosstalk.
  3. When processing wire rods, it is too destructive to the wire rods.
  4. Too much tin on the connector will cause the contact to short circuit with other contacts, or too little tin will cause the cable to be soldered or attenuated.
docking station
  Now that we know the reason, how can we solve it?
  1. Raw materials and bare wires are required to pass the GEN2 standard, and the connectors are required to pass the GEN2 standard.
  2. When the project confirms the plug, it must be recognized in strict accordance with the requirements of the national standard, using the same specification of wire, the same length, the same processing method, and a comparative analysis of different plugs.
  3. Since the wire rod processing will inevitably have a destructive effect on the wire rod, it is necessary to leave a certain space for the wire rod processing when the wire rod is supplied.
  4. Automatic welding must be used for wire welding to ensure smooth and glossy tin spots and reduce high-frequency signal loss and attenuation.