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What is BNC interface

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Update time : 2023-06-03 14:30:51
  The full English name of the BNC interface is "Bayonet Nut Connector", which means ci knife nut connector in Chinese, which is a connector for coaxial cables, also known as British Naval Connector (British Navy connector, probably The earliest use of this joint) or Bayonet Neill Conselman (Neill Conselmanci knife, this joint was invented by a man named Neill Conselman). The BNC interface is often referred to as the thin coaxial cable interface.
  Although BNC has been launched for many years, it has never been eliminated, because the coaxial cable is a shielded cable, which has the advantages of long transmission distance and stable signal. At present, it is also widely used in communication systems. For example, the E1 interface in network equipment is connected by two coaxial cables with BNC connectors. It is also often used to transmit audio and video signals in high-end monitors and audio equipment. 
BNC connector
  BNC connector package:
  1. BNC barrel connector, used to connect two thin cables into a longer cable;
  2. BNC cable connector, used for soldering or screwing on the end of the cable;
  3. The BNC terminator is used to prevent the signal from being reflected back after reaching the cable break and causing interference. A terminator is a special connector that contains a resistor carefully used to match the characteristics of the network cable. Each terminator must be grounded
  The BNC interface is mainly used in the surveillance industry, because the surveillance cameras are all output from the BNC interface, so the connected devices all use BNC connectors. For example, DVR also uses BNC interface. There are still some applications now, that is, 3-color video signals, and this transmission method also uses the BNC interface. Another thing is that the computer signal RGBHV is transmitted separately, so that the BNC connector can also be used.