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Video Converter FAQs

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Update time : 2023-06-05 11:02:25
  There are currently many video interfaces, and the interfaces between different devices are also different, so there is a conversion between signals when they are connected to each other. For example, if the VGA output of the computer graphics card is connected to the HDMI of the high-definition TV, it cannot be transmitted with a simple cable, and a dedicated VGA to HDMI video converter is required, and the left and right channel audio can be transferred to HDMI.
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  Q: What is a video converter?
  Answer: A video converter converts a signal into another signal, and an interface into another interface.
  Q: Can the video converter be used to watch TV on the computer?
  Answer: No, the video converter is to transfer images from the computer to the TV, not to watch TV on the computer, and the two are the opposite process.
  Question: What is the conversion interface? What are the input and output signals?
  Answer: The video converter receives the signal from the display card (VGA) of the computer (or notebook computer), and converts the video (VIDEO or S-VIDEO) signal output to the PAL or NTSC TV.
  Q: Why use a video converter?
  Answer: With a video converter, the TV can be used as a large-screen computer monitor, so that more people can see the content of the computer at a longer distance, and it also saves the cost of purchasing a large-screen monitor.
  Q: What occasions are video converters used for?
  Answer: Video converters are generally used in occasions where multiple people watch computer content, such as multimedia classrooms, stock display halls, airport information announcements, business presentations or lectures, and multiple people playing games at home. The video signal it outputs can also be recorded by a video recorder for making wedding photography edits, teaching videos, etc.
  There are many kinds of video converters at present, as long as the products have different signals, corresponding video converters are needed, such as VGA to HDMI, VGA to composite video, HDMI to S terminal, component component to HDMI, SDI to VGA, HDMI to SDI, etc. wait.
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