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Mounting optimization scheme in HDMI4K video capture card chip scheme

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Update time : 2023-05-10 14:04:03
  The electronics industry has developed into a symbol of technological and economic development in recent years. The HDMI 4K video capture card chip solution‍ occupies a very important position in the production of electronic products. A complete video capture card chip production line consists of multiple devices, of which More critical is the placement machine.
  The pick and place machine finishes picking up the components from the specified position, and then sticks them to their corresponding positions on the PCB. To complete a PCB, the time spent on the placement machine is much longer than that on other equipment, so it is necessary to study the placement optimization of the placement machine.
HDMI 4K video capture card
  1. Pneumatic solenoid valve and components rotate
  The pneumatic solenoid valve controls the valve core to switch back and forth through electromagnetic signals, so as to change the direction of gas flow, thereby completing the management of the movement and picking of the placement head. It is a very important part of the placement head. In the scheme, the volume of a single solenoid valve is small, and the driving power required is small. The general circuit can be directly driven, and the design and implementation are relatively simple, which reduces the difficulty of design and development of the placement machine.
  Most of the components picked up generally have a rotation movement during the movement of the placement head. It may be necessary to correct the angle deviation caused by picking up, or it may be to match the installation angle on the PCB. The rotation movement is generally completed by driving the motor.
  2. Visual system
  The vision system of the placement machine includes two parts: mobile and fixed cameras. The mobile vision system is installed on the placement head, and mainly completes the recognition of the reference mark points on the PCB board, and the positioning functions of teaching and tracking points. The fixed camera is installed on a certain part of the bracket. Due to vibration, machining accuracy, motion accuracy and other reasons when the component is mounted, the deviation of the picked-up component will be caused. At the same time, the picked-up component may have defects. The computer is corrected to ensure the correctness of placement.
  Based on the research on the placement process, put forward reasonable assumptions that are in line with the actual situation, and establish a mathematical model of the optimization problem based on this to provide a mathematical basis for subsequent optimization. Extract the data required for optimization, consider the shape and level of the components, group the components, and optimize the layers independently of each other.
  HDMI 4K video capture card chip solution‍The production line is very important. The placement process of the placement machine is different. The factors affecting the placement efficiency of the multi-head placement machine, the distribution of the feeder and the planning of the placement sequence have a great influence on the placement time. Big, because placement is composed of placement cycles one by one, so the solution to the problem is divided into two steps, first to obtain the placement position inside each placement cycle, and then to carry out multi-project deepening work.
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