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USB2.0 high-speed 4-port KVM switch solution

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Update time : 2024-04-22 10:26:42
  Compared with common multi-chip stacking solutions, PEC-645W is optimized for KVM applications. A single chip integrates the main functional modules of USB2.0 high-speed KVM and streamlines the peripherals. Provide highly integrated and flexible solutions for quickly building high-performance, differentiated KVM products.
  PEC-645W has built-in 4 USB combo device controllers, 8 high-speed USB PHYs and signal switching matrix. Each USB combination device consists of a high-speed 4-port USB HUB and 3 virtual sub-devices. The HUB is connected to 4 external downlink ports through the on-chip matrix. A single chip can support a total of 28 USB devices. The solution does not require an external HUB chip, does not require an ana-log switch to switch USB, supports mixed insertion of USB devices, and has no device type restrictions.
4-port USB HUB
  product features:
  High integration, simple peripheral circuit;
  Plug and play, no need to install drivers;
  Built-in 4 sets of USB2.0 high-speed HUB and USB matrix switches;
  Support USB low-speed 1.5Mbps, full-speed 12Mbps, and high-speed 480Mbps transmission;
  4 upstream ports, support hot swap;
  4 downstream ports, supporting mixed insertion of USB devices;
  The downstream port automatically identifies the device type and speed and supports transparent transmission function;
  Supports physical button switching, keyboard and mouse hotkey switching and infrared remote control switching;
  Supports mouse cross-screen, multiple sets of hot keys and key combinations, and parameters will not be lost after power failure;
  Provides automatic polling switching function for monitoring applications, and the switching time is adjustable.
  Application block diagram:
4-port USB HUB