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10-port fast charging charger

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Update time : 2023-11-03 15:02:01
  10-port fast charging charger, multi-port combination to meet charging needs, intelligent control distribution power identification equipment, while meeting a variety of equipment charging safety, independent switch design, for you to reduce the number of cumbersome plugging and unplugging, effectively protect the service life of your device USB interface, equipped with LED blue indicator, working status at a glance. Using anodizing process aluminum alloy shell, quickly export heat, so that the equipment runs stably, quickly dissipates heat to refuse to be hot, exquisite body design, does not occupy space, easy to carry. Support Apple fast charging protocol (5V/2.4A) stable charging, all USB interfaces support stable charging of mobile phones/power banks/night lights/speakers and other devices, intelligent control distribution power identification devices。
10-port fast charging charger
  1、① DC power adapter 12V~36V;
  2、② USB-A*10 supports 5V/2.4A 12W and supports Apple fast charging protocol ;
  3、③ USB port operating status indicator*10;
  4、④ USB interface power control switch*10 self-locking switch;