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By PURPLELEC | 13 September 2023 | 0 Comments

How to record teaching videos with video recording software

  1. First install the video recording software. If necessary, you can also install a microphone and confirm that it can be used normally. Then you can start the operation. Let’s take the recording of a teaching video on how to use the Beaver PPT Converter as an example.
  2. Open the video recording software, and a wizard window will appear on the initial interface. Select the "Record Screen" option to enter recording. This recording software also supports simple video editing. If you need to edit the video, click Import Media next to the recording button, add the video, and then you can edit the video. You can cut, intercept, add text, etc.
  3. Then the recording window appears, with a dotted selection box. The area within the box is the range to be recorded. You can record the full screen (the entire desktop screen of your computer), or you can drag and adjust the size of the selection box and move the box to set it. Define the recording area. The recording area size can be accurately set under the "Select area" option.
  4. Turn on sound recording under the "Recorded inputs" option, that is, "Audio on". Open the drop-down menu, and you can check "Record system audio to record system sound" according to your personal needs, or check "Microphone" to record commentary and narration. After setting the relevant settings, you can click the red circular "rec" button to start recording.
video recording software
  5. Start recording the operation and explanation of the demonstration software. After the explanation demonstration is completed, you can click "Stop" and the shortcut key is F10 on the keyboard to end the recording. It is recommended to press the shortcut key F10 to stop recording to avoid accidentally moving the mouse to or appearing in the recording screen. (Tip: You can also use this recording software to record online courses)
  6. The "Preview" window appears. Take a look at the recorded video effect. If you are not satisfied, you can click "Delete" to return to recording. If you are satisfied, you can click "Save and Edit".
  7. In the save window, freely set the "save path" and "file name (default is capture-1.camrec)" of the file. The file type is *.camrec, which is a special recording file for video recording software. "save". (When editing, we can just export the video to common video formats. It’s okay to save it in a format specific to the recording software first.)
  8. Enter the main interface of video recording software editing. The "Editing Dimensions" window pops up and sets the video size. Generally, the default is fine. The default is the resolution of the recording window when recording. The default resolution here is the resolution. You can reset it if you need to modify it. Click "OK" "Enter video editing.
  9. Next, the main task is to edit the recorded video, add annotations, titles, etc. Let’s briefly talk about the next commonly used function, the “Callouts (Illustration Tool)” function. Here you can add annotations. Method: Move the float ruler on the track below the software to a certain time point on the timeline, and then select the “Callouts” option. Select the desired shape in "Shape", then enter the required text in the text editing area, and move and set the position and size of the label in the preview window on the upper right.
video recording software
  10. After editing the video, you can render and export the file. Select "Produce and share"--"Produce and share...".
  11. Then the "Generation Wizard" window appears. Select the output format video scheme according to your personal needs and enter "Next Step". There are many formats to choose from in the video recording software. Generally, we can choose the MP4 format. The video supports up to 720P high-definition video. The higher the definition, the larger the output video file will be. You can choose according to your personal needs.
  12. Next, set the file name and folder, namely "project name" and "file output directory". Other options that can be checked are: organize the files created into sub-files; post-production options: display the generation results and play the video after generation. Click "Done".
  13. The software starts to render the video automatically. . . Wait a moment. . .
  14. Finally, the "Generation Result" window pops up, indicating that the video rendering is successful and the video production is completed. Go to the customized save path and you can see the output teaching video file. "Finish" will close the window directly. Click to open "Open Create Folder" and the video recording software will automatically open the directory where the file is saved.

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