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By PURPLELEC | 14 September 2023 | 0 Comments

How video capture cards work

  Video capture cards include digital signal capture cards and analog signal capture cards. The process of converting analog images into digital images after sampling and quantification and inputting and storing them into frame memory is called acquisition, digitization, acquisition, capture, capture, and capture. , frame capture, etc., so the video capture card is also called capture card, acquisition card, video input card, etc.
  The analog video signal source for video capture can be a video recorder, camcorder, camcorder, DVD player, etc. The video capture card can input images on video tapes, laser discs, etc. or on-site images into the computer. The working mode of the video capture card can be single frame capture or continuous capture; the captured image sequence can be placed in the memory or disk; the image can be compressed or not compressed.
Video capture cards
  Video acquisition is the process of converting the analog signals output from the video source into digital signals through processing, and storing this information on the computer hard drive. This analog-to-digital conversion is performed through the capture chip on the video capture card.
  Usually during the acquisition process, digital information is also subjected to a certain degree of real-time compression processing. Higher-end video capture cards rely on special processing chips on the card to perform hardware real-time data compression processing; and those cards that do not have real-time hardware compression functions also Processing called software compression can be performed by the CPU on your computer.
Video capture cards

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