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By PURPLELEC | 24 January 2024 | 0 Comments

Video capture card installation method

  When the video card cannot be used out of the box, what should we do when faced with installation problems? Let’s take the installation of a high-definition streaming media capture card as an example to introduce the installation issues of the video capture card.
video capture card
  1. Install board hardware
  First install the main card into the computer, you will see a yellow question mark prompt, that means there is a new hardware device.
  Then right-click "My Computer-Properties-System Properties-Hardware-Device Management" and the following picture will appear.
  Note: After inserting the main card into the slot, the device manager will detect an unknown device and a yellow question mark will pop up.
  2. Hardware update wizard performs software installation
  The next step is to install the new hardware and perform the software installation through the update wizard.
  Then search directly in the CD it comes with.
  3. Device Manager after correctly installing the driver
  After the driver is installed, there is a new device in the Device Manager - Sound and Video Controller.
  After correctly installing the driver, we need to install the collection software that comes with the smart surveillance capture card. What we recommend here is to install the software that comes with the capture card CD, because its stability is much stronger than others. It is a streaming media collection software, which is used for live broadcast and collection.
  According to the prompts, we correctly install the driver and collection and monitoring software. After installing the driver, and then install the built-in streaming media collection and editing software, then our work is completed, and the capture card can start working normally.
video capture card
  1. Use rated power 300W (3.3V: 20A or more)
  2. It is recommended to use a motherboard with integrated graphics card, which has better stability, but requires 512M memory.
  3. The color in the display properties must be set to true color (32 bits), otherwise playback and slow network transmission will occur.
  4. When using win2000 system, if the hard disk capacity is greater than 120G, the large hard disk patch must be installed, and DirectX9.0c must be installed.
  5. In addition, it is not recommended to use Xinbu, Colorful, Foxconn, Spartak and other motherboards, as compatibility issues such as gray screens or drawing may occur.
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