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By PURPLELEC | 24 January 2024 | 0 Comments

Minimum configuration requirements for game video capture computers

  1. The motherboard and CPU must be 6th generation i7 or above, and AMD supports PCIE3.0 or PCIE4.0. If the graphics card is hard-coded, the CPU requirements are not high. I think it’s best to choose a motherboard that supports dual-card CrossFire. The bandwidth of the capture card is enough not to be limited.
  2. You must have a 4K + HDR display as a monitor, and you need to use a DP1.4 or above interface. The HDMI2.0 bandwidth is not enough to support the maximum bit rate of 4K + HDR.
  Personally, it is best to use a monitor with HDR600. The recorded HDR effect is already very good. The capture card captures HDR video based on the configuration of your monitor, not the configuration of the TV connected to your game console.
  The better the HDR effect of your monitor, the better the HDR picture you record. I have not tried whether a 1000 nit HDR TV can be used as a monitor.
  3. You must have an NVIDIA graphics card above 1060. AMD graphics cards cannot capture HDR videos, but can only capture SDR videos. However, the picture quality of AMD graphics cards seems to be better than that of N cards, and it is not prone to frame drops.
  4. Official 4K software must be used.

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