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By PURPLELEC | 16 May 2024 | 0 Comments

VGA medical high-definition image capture card

  VGA capture card/HDMI signal capture card can capture VGA signals, non-standard HDMI and other signal sources, and is suitable for high-precision, high-resolution image capture, high-definition VGA video image storage, encoding and transmission requirements. It can support the simultaneous input of two video signals, VGA and HDMI, and is widely used in video conferencing, medical instruments, testing equipment and other fields.
VGA capture card
  ●Support 1920*1080p 50 60 high definition capture
  ●Support VGA capture and simultaneous VGA output (for monitoring use)
  ●Support SDK secondary development
  ●Industrial-grade standards, super stability
  ●Supports short baffles to facilitate industrial control equipment
  ●Taiwan’s top manufacturing
  ●Hardware controls frame rate traffic, which can be combined with other capture cards in actual use to more effectively improve the utilization of PCI-E bandwidth.
  ●Support RGB32, RGB24, YUV422, RGB8 and other collection formats
  Fully automatic line and field frequency detection: It has fully automatic line and field frequency adaptive capabilities and signal self-detection capabilities. Changes in the source signal do not require user adjustment, and are fully suitable for unattended applications.
  ●Programming completely uses the DirectShow VFW interface provided by Microsoft, and can also provide secondary development kit demonstration programs and source codes based on VC, VB, Delphi, etc.
  ●Can use Microsoft’s AmCap, VidCap, Windows Media Encode, Window Movie Maker, LabView and other application software provided by third parties
  【Application fields】
  1. Educational courseware recording, multimedia recording and broadcasting, conference recording, video conferencing, distance education and training
  2. Large screen splicing, video wall industry, virtual studio, virtual reality, industrial control, game consoles and other equipment
  3. Security X-ray machine, radar image signal, VDR recorder
  4. Medical X-ray machines, CT machines, gastrointestinal machines, etc.

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