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By PURPLELEC | 06 May 2023 | 0 Comments

What is the difference between USB HUB and USB docking station

  USB HUB, also known as a USB hub, refers to extending multiple USB interfaces from one USB interface. This thing is very common, there are many on the market, and it is also very cheap.
  USB docking station, also known as port replicator, refers to a device that extends other interfaces from the USB interface (such as audio input and output interfaces, video output interfaces, Bluetooth, COM or LPT interfaces, card readers, network cards, power adapters, printers, etc.) and many more interfaces). But this kind of thing is relatively rare, and the price is not cheap (hundreds or even thousands, which is equivalent to integrating various devices such as USB sound card, USB network card, USB external graphics card, card reader, USB HUB, etc.), and also Only after the emergence of USB3.0, there are a small number of products (USB2.0 is also available, but it is rarer, and there are more 2 USB card readers, Bluetooth and several additional USB interfaces, due to the bandwidth and bandwidth of USB2.0 Power supply is more of a problem). Therefore, the difference between them is that the USB docking station can expand other interfaces except USB, while the USB hub can only expand USB interfaces.
USB docking station
  After two generations of development, the USB interface docking station finally got rid of the embarrassment of "tasteless" and began to bring users a smooth experience. Although there is still a certain gap from traditional docking stations in terms of scalability and professionalism, it is already very powerful in terms of versatility and ease of use. In this era where time is money and efficiency is life, an easy-to-use USB docking station can undoubtedly save users more precious time and space. This is indeed the case. Many people now use usb hubs. Sometimes notebook computers feel that the usb ports are not enough. If there is a keyboard, mouse, and USB flash drive, if there is a subwoofer or something, tsk tsk.
  Similarly, if the usb port is not enough, some other ports will definitely not be enough, you can still use the usb port, because after all, there are about 3 in the general notebook, but what about the video and audio output, what if there is no one on my notebook Some kind of interface, can I not use the corresponding function? If I don't use many interfaces, but I want to use them, do I need to buy many kinds of corresponding adapter cables? It's troublesome to think about it, and the usefulness of the usb docking station will come into play at this time

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