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By PURPLELEC | 23 April 2024 | 0 Comments

USB device sharing/switcher solution

  Various and convenient USB devices involve all aspects of electronic products, such as keyboards and mice, printers, USB flash drives, cameras, etc. According to the protocol specification, USB is a one-to-one communication method between the host and the device. If a host wants to share multiple USB devices, HUB can solve this problem. However, if multiple hosts want to share a USB device, it is generally necessary to manually unplug the USB device from the port of one host and then insert it into the port of another host, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Moreover, manual plugging and unplugging multiple times may cause physical wear and static electricity. Damage and other issues.
USB device
  In response to such needs, a USBShare (USB sharer or switch) solution is now provided. After the hardware is deployed, there is no need to plug or unplug the physical port. Multiple USB hosts can share one USB device through a key switch or virtual software click, achieving fast and efficient office work.
  plan description
  The main structure of the solution consists of "analog switch + USB MCU + communication detection circuit". You can choose USB3.0 ultra-high-speed multiple-select one analog switch or USB2.0 high-speed multiple-select one analog switch as a bridge between multiple hosts and shared devices; USB MCU is the main control unit of the entire structure and needs to have one or Multiple USB device ports to save hardware resources, mainly responsible for switching scheduling of ana-log switches, external key recognition, receiving communication detection circuit feedback, and driver-free USB communication with host ports that do not use shared devices. This method leaves a channel for the software on the USB host that is not using the shared device to apply for the use of the shared device. It contacts the USB MCU through the driver-free USB link and applies for the right to use the USB shared device.
  Manual switching: Use physical buttons to select the current USB host communication sharing device, simple and traditional.
  Hot key switching: The current USB host software applies to use the shared device, and you can use it as you want.
  Program features
  1. Support USB3.0/USB2.0 various devices
  2. No driver or external power supply required
  3. Hot key switching and manual switching methods
  4. Communication busy monitoring
  There are USB3.0 and USB2.0 versions available, providing 2-choose-1, 4-choose-1 and other USB sharing solutions.
  Complete schematic/PCB design and PC software can be provided.

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