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By PURPLELEC | 23 April 2024 | 0 Comments

USB long distance extension series solutions

  The USB long-distance extension series solution breaks through the traditional USB extension distance limit of no more than 5 meters. It can extend the USB signal to more than 100 meters through low-cost network cables. Using optical fiber cables, the extension distance can reach kilometers. Supports device hot-swapping, plug-and-play, pure hardware implementation, does not require the installation of any additional drivers, is compatible with all operating systems, avoids the invariance caused by installing host computer software in traditional extension solutions, and truly implements compliance with USB protocol standards long distance extension. This extension solution can be widely used in computer peripheral products, industrial control, medical equipment, security monitoring and other fields.
  The CH317/CH315G series extension solution includes an UP end connected to the USB host and a DOWN end connected to the USB device. The UP end and the DOWN end are interconnected through a network cable. Among them, the CH315G solution supports full-speed and low-speed extension, and is compatible with high-speed. The full-speed extension can be 70 meters, and the low-speed extension can be up to 300 meters; , the optical fiber can reach more than 6 kilometers.
  The specific application block diagram is as follows:
USB extension
  Functions and features
  . The USB extension distance is long, and it supports USB2.0 signal optical fiber extension, and the distance can reach more than 6 kilometers; it supports network cable extension, generally about 100 meters for Category 5e network cables, 170 meters for Category 6 network cables, and up to 300 meters at low speed.
  . Supports various USB peripherals, such as USB printers, scanners, cameras, U disks, keyboards, mice, etc., and supports HUB expansion.
  . No additional software installation required, compatible with all operating systems.
  . Supports hot-swappable USB devices, plug and play.
  . It can be used for transformer isolation or optical isolation of USB2.0 high-speed signals.
  . Supports switch penetration. You can add network cables through switches to extend the distance, or integrate with other network transmission signals for transmission.
  . Supports 2 sets of I/O synchronous extension control, which can realize remote power on and off of the computer or remote input and output control of customized I/O signals.

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