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By PURPLELEC | 11 August 2023 | 0 Comments

Differences between Thunderbolt 4 and USB-C

  Thunderbolt 4 is not the same as USB-C; however, Thunderbolt uses the same connector type as USB-C, which is oval.
  Thunderbolt 4 has higher requirements
  Thunderbolt 4 functions and advantages
  Compared with USB-C, Thunderbolt 4 has significant advantages, providing a more flexible and scalable series of functions. Productivity, content creation, and gaming apps can all benefit from the benefits of Thunderbolt 4, including a cleaner workspace and the bandwidth to support more accessories.
Thunderbolt 4
  Integrating power supply, data transmission and video display
  Thunderbolt 4 ports and cables support charging and two-way data transfer, as well as video display, in one interface. For example, using a Thunderbolt-enabled laptop, monitor, and cables, the laptop can transmit a video signal to the monitor, which can simultaneously charge the laptop. Thunderbolt 4 offers:
  High Bandwidth: 40 Gbps dynamically allocated bandwidth for data and video transfers, ideal for heavy workloads or fast file transfers.
  Fast Charge: Up to 100W of power for laptop charging and up to 15W of power for computer-powered accessories.
  Rich display options: A single connection can support up to two 4K 60 Hz displays or one 8K 60 Hz display1.
  Faster data transmission speed
  The Thunderbolt 4 standard requires a total bandwidth of 40 Gbps, which will be dynamically allocated to data and video across all devices in a single connection. Compared to USB4's variable speed, this requirement ensures that the connection will always deliver peak file transfer speeds to support productivity, gaming, and content creation.
  Thunderbolt 4 certification requires the ability to support power, data, and video at a constant 40 Gbps bandwidth. Data transfer rates of USB cables, devices and ports may be limited to a variable range and display quality is not guaranteed. The Thunderbolt Technology logo is a simple, reliable indicator of what is possible with connectivity between devices.
  Intercompatibility between Thunderbolt and USB
  Multiple USB standards, including USB 3.2 and USB4, also use the USB-C connector type, and these cables and ports are also compatible with Thunderbolt 4. When connecting devices with different capabilities, the connection supports only the lowest common data rate. For example, if you plug a USB 3.2 cable into a Thunderbolt 4 port, the port will handle data, power, and video signal capabilities at the USB 3.2 level with the connected device.
  Daisy chains, hubs and docking stations
  Use a daisy chain to connect multiple Thunderbolt devices. Data, power and video signals can flow from the computer to five additional accessories in the link. You can also connect multiple devices to a single Thunderbolt hub or dock, and plug into your Thunderbolt-equipped computer to bring all your accessories together into one connection.
  External graphics card, storage and PCIe enclosure
  The high bandwidth of Thunderbolt 4 allows end users to connect their computers to external GPUs, storage drives, and PCIe enclosures. PCIe does not support USB 3 connectivity, USB 4 is optional, and Thunderbolt 4 offers the most flexible options for connectable devices.
  With an external graphics card, gamers can play games at recommended visual settings and higher frame rates, even on thin and light laptops. Creators can dramatically reduce rendering and export times, increasing their productivity and output.
  The external storage allows gamers to read large game files directly from the external hard disk, saving precious storage space on the computer. Creators can quickly back up large video and photo files, making creation more at ease.
  The ability to connect to an external PCIe chassis helps realize more possibilities, such as video capture cards, etc.
  Thunderbolt 4 Cable
  Connect to USB and DisplayPort accessories using up to two meters of Thunderbolt 4 cables, giving users more flexibility in configuring workstations and gaming centers.
  Computer to computer network connection
  Users can connect multiple Thunderbolt-enabled computers to create secure connections between devices at speeds faster than 10 Gb Ethernet connections. This connection enables fast and easy file sharing, especially large files.

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