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By PURPLELEC | 26 February 2024 | 0 Comments

SDI+HDMIQ to USB3.0 capture card FPGA solution

  The SDI+HDMIQ to USB3.0 capture card FPGA solution is a professional-level video capture device. It uses FPGA technology, supports SDI and HDMI input, and can transmit YUV video signals losslessly through USB3.0. This product supports the highest acquisition output of 1080P60 and has extremely high stability and reliability.
  In today's digital era, video transmission and processing have become indispensable technologies, and various fields require high-quality video capture equipment for digital processing.
USB3.0 capture card
  The SDI+HDMI to USB3.O capture card FPGAQ solution is a high-performance video capture device designed to meet this demand.
  First, the device uses FPGA technology, which can achieve high-speed data transmission and real-time processing, making the device very high in acquisition stability and reliability. Secondly, the support of SD and HDM input interfaces makes the device compatible with a variety of different video devices. Whether it is a camera, video conferencing equipment or other video capture equipment, it can be easily connected to the device for digital processing.
  In addition, the SDI+HDMl to USB3.O capture card FPGA solution adopts UVC driver-free technology, allowing the device to be used directly under multiple operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac without the need to install cumbersome drivers. At the same time, the device also supports YUV lossless transmission, which can ensure high-fidelity transmission and processing of video data, making your video processing process more accurate and efficient.
  In short, in the field of video capture and processing, the SDI+HDMI to USB3.O capture card FPGA solution is a trustworthy high-end video capture device. It has high-speed transmission, supports multiple interfaces, uses UVC driver-free technology and YUV lossless transmission And many other features can meet your various needs during use and provide stable, efficient and reliable guarantee for your digital video processing.

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