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By PURPLELEC | 26 February 2024 | 0 Comments

HDMI to USB HD video transmission solution

  MS2109 is a high-definition video transmission and acquisition chip that integrates a USB2.0 controller, data transceiver module, HDMIRX module and audio and video Q processing module.
  MS2109 can transmit the audio and video signals output from the HDMI interface to a PC, smart phone or tablet for preview or capture through the USB interface. USB video complies with UVC specifications, audio complies with UAC specifications, audio supports 2S input and SPDIF: output, and supports WINDOWS, Android and MacOS systems.
video transmission
  1.HDMl1.4b compatible, supports DV11.0, supports HDCP1.4
  2. Maximum input resolution 3840*2160@30H☑
  3.RGB444, YCBCR422.YCBCR444, YCBCR420 color space
  4. Support YUV and JPEG output modes
  Suitable for medical industrial endoscopes; video capture cards; industrial cameras, etc.

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