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By PURPLELEC | 21 February 2024 | 0 Comments

M.2 video capture card

  This capture card looks like an M.2 SSD solid state drive, with M.2 2280 size specifications, PCIe Gen2 x4 channels, the top is covered with a heat sink, and there are HDMI and SDI interfaces at the rear. It supports single-channel 2K with audio (2048 x 1080 ) video collection.
capture card
  In addition, it supports automatic detection of input signals, color format conversion, low-latency mode, SG-DMA transmission method, copying multiple video streams, closed subtitles (requires SDK) and other functions.
  Compatible with Window & Linux system platforms, upgradable firmware, supports Capture Express screenshot software, Magewell Bridge for NDI (converts captured audio and video signals into NDI network streams in real time) and Premiere plug-ins.
  If a single-channel capture card is not enough, they also have dual-channel or even four-channel capture cards, with HDMI and pure SDI interface solutions, and support 4K video capture.
M2 capture card

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