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HD 1394 video capture card

  Video conferencing is increasingly playing an indispensable role in the current era of network development, especially in government, enterprises, companies, and other fields. It plays an important role in reducing our country's financial burden. It reduces a lot of financial and material resources, which has been greatly adopted by these industries, and video capture cards are also very important in video conferencing.
  The clarity of video capture images directly affects the effect of video conferencing. Especially with the development of video conferencing, high-definition video gradually replaces standard-definition video, and video capture is indispensable for video capture cards. Video capture cards become the most important part of video conferencing. It has an irreplaceable role, so Tianchuang Hengda continues to develop different high and standard definition capture cards according to the development trend of the market to meet the needs of video conferencing, especially the development of high-definition video.
high-definition video capture card
  1394 capture card is a high-definition video capture card. The clarity and software compatibility of this capture card product are the most stable in video conferencing at present. It can satisfy various video conferencing software and is the best choice for video conferencing!
  Product Features
  · Can capture one high-definition or standard-definition video signal and one analog audio signal at the same time.
  · High-definition input video signal up to 1080p/60 Hz.
  · High-definition signals can collect HDMI, DVI, and component signals.
  · Can capture LPCM audio signals in HDMI.
  · Microsoft AVStream standard driver can support most multimedia video software or streaming media software on Windows.
  · Ultra-small size: 99.77mm x 68.88mm, in line with Low-Profile specifications.
  Product Description:
  Support hot swap
  Fully compliant with IEEE1394 standards.
  Data transfer speed up to /400Mbps
  Supports PCI-BUS power management interface 1.1 standard and can connect up to 127 peripherals
  3 external 1394 ports, 1 internal 1394 port
  The maximum current of each interface is 500mA
  Follow the 400M transfer rate PCI bus specification
  Support serial data 100, 200, 400Mbit/S
  Can be connected to 4-pin or 6-pin IEEE1394 devices
  Supports various input and output devices, DV cameras, DVD players, scanners, hard drives, etc.
  Supports image capture, real-time recording, image editing, special effects albums, and completed video recording, etc.
  Compatible with Win98/98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/win7 VIA6306/VT6307/VT6308 main chip, 3 large interfaces and 1 small interface
  Working temperature range 0-50 degrees Celsius
  Storage temperature range -20-70 degrees Celsius
  Relative humidity range 5%-90%
  Advanced features
  · High-performance DMA transfer function.
  · HD input can dynamically switch signal source types: DVI/HDM, component.
  · Compatible with composite video (CVBS) and S-video input signals through an adapter cable.
  · HD input supports automatic input video format detection and automatic video effective area detection.
  · Supports manual setting of the effective picture area function, which can be used for picture cropping and support for special input signal timing.
  · High-definition input supports multi-level picture scaling function, with three scaling modes for the picture aspect ratio.
  · Support vertical filtering and motion adaptive de-interlacing functions.
  · Hardware color conversion, can output RGB24, RGB32, YUY2, UYVY, I420 color formats.
  · HD input supports color adjustment function, which can adjust the contrast, brightness, color saturation, hue, and Gamma of the picture; and the brightness and contrast of R, G, and B colors can be adjusted independently.
  · HD input supports horizontal and vertical image inversion functions.
  · Firmware can be upgraded.
  【Application fields】
  1. Educational courseware recording, multimedia recording and broadcasting, conference recording, video conferencing, distance education and training;
  2. Large screen splicing, video wall industry, virtual studio, virtual reality, industrial control, game consoles and other equipment;
  3. Security X-ray machine, radar image signal, VDR recorder;
  4. Medical X-ray machines, CT machines, gastrointestinal machines, etc.;

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