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By PURPLELEC | 04 August 2023 | 0 Comments

ACASIS USB4 Hard Disk Enclosure Review

  ACASIS USB4 HDD Enclosure supports 40Gbps ultra-high-speed data transmission rate, which is far faster than traditional USB hard disk boxes; it is not yet known whether the different types of solid-state hard drives equipped with it can fully perform. Next, we will use TiPlus5000 solid-state Hard drive to test to see how the actual experience.
  product description
  The Acasis USB4 HDD Enclosure is made of CNC-cut aluminum ingots. The sandblasted surface process is printed with the "ACASIS" trademark in the middle. The appearance is very delicate, and the physical interface adopts the USB-C physical interface.
HDD Enclosure
  The back cover of the hard disk box and the shell cover adopt a clever elastic locking design. The back cover can be disassembled without tools. An M-Key m.2 slot supports NVMe solid-state drives, which can accommodate one of the most common 2280-length solid-state drives in terms of size. The solid-state drives are installed by screws.
  Zhitai TiPlus5000 adopts a single-sided component design, with high-density YMTC third-generation 3D flash memory chips; detailed specifications are printed on the front sticker, model: PC230; PN: ZTSS1CB08D32MC.
HDD Enclosure
  The platform used here is AMD R7 5800X + MSI X570S + Team Group 8GB×2 3600MHz, and the speed is measured with an SSD inserted in the main disk of the motherboard.
  On the test platform of AMD R7 5800X + MSI X570S + Team Group 8GB×2 3600MHz, using CrystalDiskMark to measure the speed with an SSD inserted in the main disk of the motherboard, the read rate is 3482.53MB/s, and the maximum write rate is 3210.4MB/s.
USB4 hard disk box
  Multi-platform available
  The state-of-the-art TiPlus5000 solid-state drive with high transmission performance can actually have multiple application scenarios.
  First of all, it is naturally installed, and it can be used directly with the host computer to maximize the read and write performance of the hard disk, but remember to use a slot that supports PCIe 3.0.
  The second is to use it with a notebook computer, especially for a Mac computer, with a cable that supports high-performance transmission and ACASIS’ USB4 HDD Enclosure, high-speed transmission can be achieved even through an external connection.
  And the capacity of 1TB can effectively alleviate the storage pressure for some Mac computers whose hard disk capacity is only 256GB.
  Of course, in addition to connecting to a Mac computer, it can also be used with an iPad equipped with a USB-C interface. You can use the iPad to read files inside the hard disk, which is very convenient.
USB4 hard disk box
  In addition, it can also be used with Android phones, but the highest transmission speed of the USB-C interface of Android phones is USB3.0. If you have a combination of a hard disk box and a hard disk, you can use it with a mobile phone.
  The ACASIS USB4 hard disk box is made of one-piece aluminum ingot CNC. The metal main structure allows the solid-state hard disk to dissipate heat quickly. At the same time, cutting grooves are added on the side to increase the grip and bring better heat dissipation. Used on USB3.1, USB3.0, USB2.0 interfaces, it has wide versatility; while giving full play to the ultra-high-speed performance of the USB4 interface, it brings users a transmission experience with ultra-high compatibility.
  In terms of measured performance, after installing Zhitai TiPlus 5000, the measured reading and writing speeds on the test platform are 3482.53MB/s and 3210.4MB/s, which are in line with the official claims and there is no false standard; overall, Zhitai TiPlus5000 adopts Xtacking 2.0 technology brings higher storage density, faster I/O read and write speed, and comprehensive performance upgrade.

Thunderbolt 3/4 USB3.2/3.1 M.2 NVME SSD Enclosure

SSD install without crew,tool-free
Support size:22X80mm NVME
Sup port windows,Mac10.4 or above,Linux
Accessory:1xT thunderbolt3 data cable
Aluminum housing

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