Thunderbolt 3/4 USB3.2/3.1 M.2 NVME SSD Enclosure

Item No.: PEC-TB034
SSD install without crew,tool-free
Support size:22X80mm NVME
Sup port windows,Mac10.4 or above,Linux
Accessory:1xT thunderbolt3 data cable
Aluminum housing
  The M.2 SSD Apater offers the possibility to use the M.2 NVMe SSD hard drive as an solid state drive only through the USB port of a PC or laptop.

  Feature Collection:
  1. Physical interface: USB Type-C
  2. Data interface: USB4.0
  3. Heat dissipation: with heat dissipation vest + silicone thermal pad, aluminum top cover + ABS bracket
  4. Capacity: support up to 4TB ssd
  5. Acceleration protection: support UASP, TRIM, SMART.
  6. Sleep: support 10 minutes of smart sleep, prolong the life of ssd
  7. Working status: LED indication
  1. Using the latest version of the USB4.0 interface, the transfer rate is up to 40Gbps, and the theoretical reading speed can reach 3100MB/s. The speed: the ssd enclosure read speed: 3151.14MB/s, write speed: 2551.15MB/s. Actual transfer speed depends on SSD speed, type of USB port, computer performance, NVMe media used, etc.

  2. If your SSD is a brand new SSD hard drive:
  Please format and partition the hard disk in Disk Management before using it for the first time. SSD is recommended to use exFAT format, compatible with Windows and Mac OS systems"
  Applicable equipment
  Desktop computers, notebooks, tablets, mobile phones, digital cameras, game consoles, smart routers, TV sets, etc. Ideal for personal data storage, business office workers, 4K content designers and engineers.

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