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By PURPLELEC | 02 August 2023 | 0 Comments

ORICO Compatible Thunderbolt 3-4 USB 4 Mobile SSD enclosure

  The USB 4-40Gbps interface is the only transmission port of the entire hard disk box. It is equipped with a 40Gbps double-headed data cable of the same specification, which supports switching between Type-C and USB-A interfaces, and also supports 100W PD flash charging.
  The shell of the ORICO USB 4 mobile solid-state hard disk box is made of aluminum alloy, and the loading method is seamlessly fitted. The top panel is designed in a regional grid shape, which not only highlights the design sense, but also has a better heat dissipation effect. The entire box is about the same size Small and very light, very easy to carry.
hard disk box
  The ORICO USB4 mobile solid-state hard disk box adopts an aluminum alloy integrated seamless design. The main electronic board inside the hard disk box can be seen when the bottom plate is removed. M.2, compatible with a variety of M.2 2280 NVMe/SATA3 SSD solid-state drives, up to a single 4TB solid-state drive.
  The standard writing/reading rate of the ORICO USB 4 mobile solid-state hard disk box is 3000MB/s, and I installed a Gigabyte M.2 2280 1TB solid-state hard drive this time, with a reading rate of 5000MB/s. The input is 4400MB/s.
hard disk box
  The test work was carried out on Thunderbolt 3 PC and Thunderbolt 4 laptops. The test tool was CrystalDiskMark hard disk test software, which is widely used by digital experts. The reading speed measured by the two machines is basically the same, fully reaching the highest supported by the hard disk box. The highest read rate can reach 3.007GB/s, while the stable read rate is 2.942GB/s, and the write rate is 2.733GB/s. Note that the unit is GB not MB. It can be seen that the rate is amazingly fast. I really look forward to it I saw the production of hard disk boxes that support higher-speed solid-state drives, like mine with a speed of 5000MB/s.

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