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By PURPLELEC | 07 November 2023 | 0 Comments

Special image capture card for medical imaging

  This capture card uses the latest generation of sophisticated 10bit A/D chips from Philips. Using the world's leading image processing technologies such as digital comb filtering and anti-aliasing filtering, as well as our company's unique de-interlacing, noise reduction, and digital subtraction technologies, this capture card has higher definition and better image details. The application is more convenient, and it perfectly solves the problems of drawing, fuzzing, tailing, sawtooth and other phenomena in motion image acquisition and processing.
capture card
  Product Features:
  ● Can collect PAL and NTSC color/black and white signals;
  ● 6-channel composite video signals and 4-channel S-Video signals can be quickly switched between inputs;
  ● Adopt the latest Philips company 10bit A/D chip, 10bit in black and white mode, 10bit in RGB mode in color mode;
  ● Adopt internationally leading advanced technologies such as comb filtering and anti-aliasing filtering;
  ● MICROVISION’s leading de-interlacing, noise reduction, and digital subtraction technology;
  ● It has the functions of hardware output flipping up and down, left and right mirror images, and software character graphics overlay functions;
  ● The maximum resolution that can be captured is 768×576; it provides 25 frames/second AVI format and static single BMP\JPG format capture;
  ● Any collection method and collection window size can be defined by the user;
  ● Can collect single field, single frame, arbitrary interval and continuous frame images in real time;
  ●Brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, and screen size ratio can all be adjusted by software;
  ● Real-time image acquisition can be realized and transferred to the computer memory through the PCI bus;
  ● Two-way hardware external trigger function, two-way output control; (TTL level)
  ● Capture format: such as RGB8, RGB24, RGB32, YUY2, Gray8 and other image formats;
  ● The underlying program is stable, rich in functions, easy to develop, and easy to transplant. The supply is stable and there is no need to worry about discontinuation of production.
  ●●Hardware compatibility is good, and the work is stable and reliable. Can be used on compatible machines, original machines/industrial computers.
  ● Software programming can fully use the DirectShow/VFW interface provided by Microsoft, and you can use Microsoft's AmCap, VidCap, Windows Media Encode, Window Movie Maker, etc. or LabView and other application software provided by third parties.
  Application areas:
  ● Medical industry: image collection such as B-ultrasound workstations, endoscopes, X-ray machines (image intensifiers), biomedicine, microscopy, etc.;
  ● Streaming media field: multimedia video recording, online live broadcast, on-demand system, etc.
  ●Industrial field: production line online inspection, machine vision imaging system, industrial image processing, etc.;
  ● Scientific research: pattern recognition, image acquisition algorithm research, image processing, modeling, etc.;
  ● Transportation field: electronic police, license plate recognition, road capture;

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