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By PURPLELEC | 08 November 2023 | 0 Comments

8-channel LVDT/RVDT capture card

  The LVDT/RVDT capture card is a 32-bit PCI/CPCI bus specification acquisition and test equipment. The card supports 16-bit resolution, 4/8 channels (2-wire/3-wire/4-wire system) LVDT/RVDT acquisition module.
  This module has 2/4/8-channel sine wave excitation waveform generator analog signal output, 16-bit D/A precision output, sine wave frequency, amplitude, and initial phase are configurable, providing stability and reliability for LVDT/RVDT sensor analog signal measurement. reference source of motivation.
capture card
  The input end of the device provides 2/4/8 channel LVDT/RVDT sensor signal input. Each channel has two sets of input differential signals VA#+, VA#-, VB#+, VB#-, and one set of output differential signals EXC#. +, EXC#-.
  The LVDT/RVDT capture card can receive or output LVDT/RVDT sensor signals with a wide range of frequencies from 40Hz to 20KHz. The peak-to-peak value of the voltage signal reaches 20V, and can be configured to work independently.
  The device consists of an embedded processor, PCI bus interface, LVDT/RVDT conversion circuit, conditioning circuit, and digital-to-analog conversion circuit. The embedded processor and FPGA circuit receive the host computer configuration and perform real-time data collection, calibration and format conversion on the input signal to achieve high-precision LVDT/RVDT position measurement and parameter output.
  *Supports 2/4/8-channel LVDT/RVDT sensor analog signal acquisition and processing, input amplitude and frequency are variable
  * Provides an 8-channel programmable waveform generator with configurable amplitude, frequency, and initial phase. The frequency range is 40~20KHz and the amplitude range is 3V~10V. It provides reference excitation for sensor analog signal measurement.
  * 16-bit AD/DA conversion accuracy
  * Input accuracy: 0.1%FS
  * Stabilization time: less than 100us
  * Acquisition position accuracy: 0.2%FS
  General specifications
  * Physical size: Standard CPCI 3U size 160mm×100mm×4HP, tolerance less than 0.2mm, with 3U extraction aid; standard PCI size 175mm×106mm, tolerance less than 0.2mm
  * Connector: SCSI68 female socket (CHR47221)
  * Operating temperature: -40°C - + 85°C
  * Relative humidity: Working 5-85%RH, no condensation; Storage 5-95%RH, no condensation.
  Terminal boards and cables
  * CHR91005 (optional): 1 SCSI68 male connector on one end, 1 SCSI68 male connector on the other end, cable length 1 meter
  * CHR92003 (optional): SCSI68 terminal board, female
  software support
  * Windows (standard configuration): Win 2000, WinXP/Win7 (X86, X64)
  *Linux (customized): 2.4, 2.6, NeoKylin5
  * RTX (customized): 5.5, 7.1, 8.1, 9.0
  * Vxworks (customized): X86-V5.5, X86-V6.8, PPC603-Vx5.5, PPC603-Vx6.8
  * QNX (customized): X86-V6.5
  * Labview (customized): RT

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