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By PURPLELEC | 29 May 2023 | 0 Comments

5 solutions to HDMI capture card not displaying images

  When the HDMI capture card does not display images, it is like turning on the computer monitor and it does not light up. It may be caused by various factors. We only need to step by step according to the following 5 points, and I believe most of the reasons can be found out!
  1. Whether the acquisition process is interfered by HDCP encryption and decryption
  It is no problem for HDMI video source to output signal to the display device, but there is no image when it is connected to the capture card, then you need to confirm whether your device has the function of HDCP encryption, and whether the capture card has the function of HDCP decryption . This is often a big reason why some HDMI capture cards cannot output signals.
  2. Can the video source output HDMI signals to the HDMI capture card?
  First, check whether the HDMI video source connected to the HDMI capture card has images, whether the HDMI video cable is intact, and whether the video source can output video signals normally. If the video cannot be output to the display device, then it is necessary to check whether there is any problem with the video source interface, or whether a replacement HDMI cable can solve the problem.
HDMI capture card
  3. Check whether there is any problem with the settings of the acquisition software
  After confirming that the above two points are correct, it is necessary to confirm whether there is any problem with the settings of the acquisition software, because some software does not have the preview function checked by default. This is to be checked by yourself after opening the software. For example, in AMCAP, you need to check the preview option to display the image.
  There are also some software that choose the standard when collecting SD signals. It must be set to match the standard of the video source signal. For example, in potplayer, you need to select the country in TV--standard-----. Only when the correct system is selected will the image come out.
  4. Check whether the chip of the HDMI capture card is damaged
  Avoid hot plugging and unplugging the HDMI interface to burn the chip. Some customers often directly unplug the cable on the HDM capture card when using it and keep losing the power. Digital signal transmission is electric. In this way, hot plugging and unplugging may break down the chip, resulting in no image on the capture card.
  5. Whether the HDMI capture output resolution matches the video source
  There are also some HDMI capture cards whose output resolution cannot meet the required resolution, but the performance of the capture card can support it. What's going on here? Because the output resolution of some cards is designed to match the resolution of the video source, that is, the output depends on the video source.

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