SDI & HDMI® Input 1080P/1080i FHD PCIe Internal Capture Card

Item No.: PEC-VS2584
Host interface: PCIE 2.0 X1 5Gb/s
Input interface: HDMI1.4 , 3G SDI LEVEL A&B
Hardware support: 1080i image interlacing, 3D DNR
Support Systerm: Windows XP/7/8.1/10 32/64bit
Output space: YUV4:2:2(YUY2)
Onboard memory:Low latency(No DDR)
  • Firmware:
    Window drive
  • MOQ:
    500(Free Logo)
  This is a PCIE Built-in capture card, support SDI and HDMI capture at the same time, display screen. Features no compression, low latency, low power consumption, no matter what the motherboard has excellent performance, let you enjoy 1080P, 60Hz HD video capture.
  PCIE GEN 2 connected to the computer host
  Support one machine with multiple cards
  Support operating system: Winows XP/7/8.1/10 32bit/64bit
  Supports multiple device inputs,such as Camcorders/cameras/game consoles/desktop consoles/mobile phones/tablets/Game console/TV box/VCR/DV player/Medical equipment etc
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