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Purplelec launches full-featured USB Type-C docking station

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Update time : 2024-02-22 15:08:00
  The USB Type-C interface is an interface appearance specification launched by the USB organization in 2014. Compared with the previous USB Type-A (which is the most common interface we use on computers), this standard is not only smaller in size and has more contacts, but also supports forward and reve-rse plugging, so there will be no failure to plug in several times. Entering situation.
  The full-featured USB Type-C interface adds functions such as DP video output and charging based on the original data transmission standard. In other words, while transmitting data, the functions of the video cable and charging cable can also be coordinated.
  Users can connect network cables, monitors, power supplies, docking stations, keyboards, mice, SD cards and other products through the full-featured USB Type-C docking station.
  Purplelec has launched a 12-in-1 full-featured Type C docking station.
ype C docking station
  Product parameters
  Resolution: HDMI: 4K 1080P
  Network card: Support 100/1000M Ethernet
  Wireless charging: 5W/7.5W/10W charging power
  PD charging: 87WPD fast charging up to 100W
  Card reader: supports Micro SD/TF card reading
  U S B: three USB2.0 + two USB3.0 interfaces
  Audio: 3.5mm audio interface
  Cord length: 15cm
  Material: aluminum alloy +ABS
ype C docking station