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Type-C to HDMI cable introduction

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Update time : 2024-02-23 09:59:34
  The main function of the Type-C to HDMI cable is to convert the audio and video signals input from the USB Type-C port into audio and video signals that can be recognized by the HDMI interface, and then output the converted audio and video signals to the display device through the HDMI port. Display, this is the core function of typec to hdmi cable or conversion head.
Type-C to HDMI cable
  The working principle of type-c to hdmi:
  Connection method: When the input end of the type-c to HDMI cable (the type-c port of the cable) is connected to a device (such as a laptop, mobile phone, iPad, game console), etc., it is supported.
  Signal processing and conversion: The C port of the cable receives the video signal (DP signal) output from the laptop C port. After receiving the signal, the cable's chip begins to process the signal (including decoding, extracting video and audio information, data decompression, and decoding ) and other necessary signals, and after the processing is completed, the signals are converted into HDMI-recognizable signals.
  Output to HDMI port: The conversion chip sends the processed video and audio signals to the HDMI interface (output port). The HDMI interface of the cable will send the video signal to the connected display device, such as a TV, monitor, projector, etc. At the same time, the audio signal will also be transmitted to the display device or externally connected sound system via HDMI.
  The purpose of type-c to hdmi cable:
  To output the mobile phone's typec port to HDMI for screencasting, the mobile phone needs to be supported. Many Android phones do not support it. iPhone 15 supports type-c screencasting.
  Laptop typec port output to hdmi screen projection, most laptops support it, and the compatibility is also very good.
  To output the typec port of a desktop computer to HDMI projection, you need to check whether your graphics card supports it. Independent graphics are mostly supported, and core graphics need to be judged according to the hardware compatibility.
  PAD screen projection typec port output to HDMI display requires pad support. iPads basically support it. Android pads may not support it. You need to decide according to the hardware of your Android pad.
  The Nin-tendo Switch typec port outputs to HDMI projection. Switch basically supports type-c to HDMI cable connection, but a special cable is required.
  What display devices can be connected to the type-c to hdmi cable:
  Supports computer monitors, projectors, TVs and other display devices that support HDMI input.