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Application scope of video capture card

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Update time : 2023-09-19 10:19:39
  Video capture card, also known as video capture card, can be used to obtain digital video information, store and play it out of the hard-compressed video capture card. Many video capture cards can capture video information and obtain accompanying sound at the same time, so that the audio part and the video part can be saved and played simultaneously during digitization.
Video capture cards
  Application scope of video capture card
  Video capture cards are widely used in security monitoring, educational courseware recording, large-screen splicing, multimedia recording and broadcasting, conference recording, virtual studios, virtual reality, security X-ray machines, radar image signals, VDR recorders, medical X-ray machines, Endoscopes, CT machines, gastrointestinal machines, colposcopes, industrial testing, intelligent transportation, medical imaging, industrial monitoring, instrumentation, machine vision and other fields.
  Video systems consisting of video capture cards, interactive electronic whiteboards and other video hardware are often used for image collection/image analysis and processing/video conferencing/digital monitoring, etc.
  Government: remote work meetings, government procurement meetings, remote statistics and collaboration, government bidding meetings, personnel recruitment and assessment, mass government consultation, petitions, and public health command.
  Finance: financial work meetings, remote customer service, office meetings, e-commerce, remote consultation, operational guidance, road shows, remote recruitment and training.
  Enterprise: regular corporate meetings, remote business negotiations, collaborative office, remote recruitment, remote training of agents and channels, technical seminars, administrative offices, internal training and learning, branch meetings, remote customer service, remote monitoring.
  Medical treatment: remote consultation, remote medical consultation, and remote medical communication. Education: multimedia teaching video live recording, online education and training, remote tutoring, examination room monitoring, parent-teacher meetings, off-site academic exchanges, and remote teaching observation classes.
  Public security, procuratorate, and military: remote conferences, remote collaborative operations command, remote command, remote interrogation, remote prison visits, court live broadcast, and emergency command.
  Operation: Carrier-level online conferencing services, instant messaging services, VOIP, PSTN Information and media: TV interaction, remote interviews, remote consultation, remote business.
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