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HDMI high-definition video capture card chip solution

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Update time : 2023-07-28 11:26:28
  1. Application: outdoor live broadcast, game live broadcast, Taobao live broadcast, TV recording, video conferencing, etc.
  2. Chip combination: IT9335
  3. HDMI input: 4K60 444
  4. HDMI output: 4K60 444
  5. Support HDCP2.3
  6. USB3.0 acquisition: 4K60, 4K30, 2560x1440P144, 1080P240
  7. Video format: MJPEG/YUY2/NV12/I420/RGB24/P010
  8. Support multiple operating systems: windows, Linux, MAC, etc.
  9. Features: support HDR, support MIC input, support LINE IN support LINE_OUT, USB device name customization, support boot screen customization
  10. Support a variety of other video interface input, interface status prompts, USB communication prompts
  11. UVC plug and play, high compatibility, drive-free installation
  12. Advantages: ultra-clear image quality, low latency, no freezing, no flickering