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Four-channel hard-pressed surveillance video capture card

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Update time : 2023-11-08 10:30:03
  The four-channel hard-pressure surveillance video capture card adopts the H.264 video compression standard. The four-channel is completely real-time, with extremely high compression ratio, good image quality, low power consumption, preview resolution and encoding resolution up to 4CIF, and powerful network functions.
video capture card
  Product performance
  1 PC can support 64 channels.
  The preview resolution and encoding resolution can reach 4CIF.
  Complete video and audio compression in real time without losing frames.
  The encoded frame format (I, B, P frame sequence) can be set.
  Image quality and bit rate can be set.
  The brightness, chroma, and contrast of the video signal can be set.
  Support motion detection.
  Support OSD, LOGO and regional shielding.
  Support watermark (WATERMARK) technology.
  Support dual encoding.
  Product Specifications
  Compatible with PCI 2.2 specification.
  Video compression standard: H.264, extremely high compression ratio and good image quality.
  Video input: 1-8 channels of composite video signals.
  Supported formats: PAL, NTSC.
  PAL: 88*72(QQCIF), 176*144(QCIF), 352*288(CIF), 704*288(2CIF), 528*384(DCIF), 704*576(4CIF);
  NTSC: 88*60(QQCIF), 176*120(QCIF), 352*240(CIF), 704*240(2CIF), 528*320(DCIF), 704*480(4CIF).
  Frame rate: 25F/S (PAL), 30F/S (NTSC).
  Output code rate: 32kbps-1000kbps (CIF); 70kbps-4000kbps (4CIF).
  Voice compression standard: OggVorbis.
  Voice input: 1-4 voice line input.
  Sampling rate: 16KHz.
  Output bit rate: 16kbps.