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4-way USB capture card laptop video capture card

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Update time : 2023-11-08 10:39:25
  4-way USB capture card, surveillance card, laptop video capture card
USB capture card
  Product Description:
  Channel video input, resource 25fps (PAL), 30fps (NTSC)
  Quad-picture and single-picture display
  Multiple alarm triggering modes: sensor alarm, movement alarm, video loss alarm, insufficient hard disk space alarm
  Support programmable timing recording and loop recording
  MPEG4 compression format, each channel can be set to 5 levels of video quality, and the video frame rate is continuously adjustable from 1-25 frames/second
  Videos can be retrieved by time and recording method, and support multi-channel simultaneous playback, partial enlargement, screen capture, save, print, and backup functions
  Remote real-time monitoring, support web browser PTZ control, dynamic domain name
  Support remote playback function
  Anti-crash scheduled restart function
  Automatically send alert emails to support mobile monitoring on mobile phones
  Technical Parameters:
  Input type BNC
  Video input RCA×4
  Audio input: 1 input, 1 output
  Image output: 1 VGA main monitor output
  Live frame rate: 25 frames/second (PAL system), 30 frames/second (NTSC system)
  Video frame rate: 25 frames/second (PAL system), 30 frames/second (NTSC system)
  Compression format MPEG4
  Resolution 640x480/352x240(NTSC); 704x576/352x288(PAL)
  Video backup: hard disk, ZIP, USB disk, CD-R/W
  Working mode: Four recording modes work together: manual recording, scheduled recording, motion detection, and sensor alarm. Each channel can set the working schedule independently.
  Remote transmission TCP/IP protocol
  Transmission port USB2.0
  Network mode supports IE browser and dynamic domain name
  System requirements (recommended):
  CPU Intel P4 Celeron processor, mini-mum 1700MHz
  Motherboard Intel 845/865/915 series
  Hard disk 80G **Small
  Memory 256M **Small
  Graphics card GeForce2, GeForce4, FX5200, ATI Rage128
  Operating system Windows 2000(SP4 or above)/2003(SP1 or above)/XP(SP2 or above)/VISTA
  DirectX 9.0
  USB 2.0
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