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USB Type-C docking station solution

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Update time : 2024-04-19 10:52:05

  The USB Type-C docking station is mainly used to expand the Type-C interface function. It can expand the Type-C interface to include USB interface (USB2.0 and USB3.x), video display interface (DP/VGA/HDMI), and RJ45 network port. , card reader interface, sound card interface, Type-C charging interface, etc., to facilitate the simultaneous use of multiple media.

  This docking station solution mainly includes: USB PD protocol processing chip CH543, USB HUB chip CH334, USB network card chip CH397, USB current-limiting power switch chip CH217 and ESD protection chip CH412, etc. The Type-C interface is implemented to expand the USB2.0 interface, video display interface DP, and network card interface, and also supports Type-C fast charging interface.

USB Type-C docking station

  Introduction to the main chips of this solution:

  1. USB PD protocol processing chip CH543, which is an enhanced E8051 core MCU with high frequency (up to 48MHZ), high integration and high cost performance. In addition to the timer, PWM, serial port, SPI, IIC and other functional modules that conventional microcontrollers have, PD-related functional modules are also integrated. It has built-in USB Power Delivery controller and PD BCM PHY transceiver, supports USB Type C, BC, PD2.0, PD3.0, and even supports 12V high-voltage power supply and programmable current sink module. This chip is mainly used for PD protocol communication, video Alt Mode/USB interface switching and coordination, and as a PMIC for power management, supporting roles such as power receiving end, power supply end, and DRP. The chip also has built-in USB host and device interfaces, which can be used to implement USB Billboard functions.

  2. USB HUB chip CH334, this chip is a high-performance HUB chip that supports MTT mode. The upstream port supports USB2.0 high-speed 480Mbps transmission rate, and the 4 downstream ports support USB2.0 high-speed (480Mbps), full speed (12Mbps) and Low speed (1.5Mbps), industrial-grade design, streamlined peripherals.

  3. USB network card chip CH397, this chip is a highly integrated, low-power USB network card chip that supports 10M/100M Ethernet, supports driver-free mode (NCM\ECM) or optional manufacturer driver mode, and supports hibernation mode and low-power sleep mode, can be remotely woken up through events such as magic packets and network wake-up packets, supports UTP CAT5, CAT6 twisted pair, and the transmission distance is up to 120 meters.

  4. USB current-limiting power switch chip CH217. This chip is a USB port power switch chip with adjustable current-limiting threshold. It integrates over-current protection, over-temperature protection, under-voltage protection and other modules.

  5. ESD protection chip CH412, which is a four-channel ESD protection diode array chip that can withstand the maximum ±15KV human body discharge and ±8KV contact discharge ESD pulses specified in IEC 61000-4-2.

  main feature

  Supports the expansion of Type-C interface functions for commonly used mobile phones, computers, and game consoles

  Support USB2.0 or USB3.x interface output

  Support video display interface DP output, support DisplayPort 1.3/1.4/2.0

  Support 10M/100M Ethernet interface output

  Supports Type-C interface PD fast charging function, up to 100W (20V@5A)

  Support USB Billboard function

  Support personalized function customization and secondary development


USB Type-C docking station
9 in 1 USB Type-C Docking Station