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What is USB-C?

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Update time : 2023-12-16 10:40:24
  USB Type-C - or USB-C for short - is a physical USB connector. It replaced Micro-USB connectors previously used by most Android phones. It will eventually even replace USB Type-A, which is the standard larger-scale USB connector that everyone probably thinks of when they hear "USB." Even Apple has added USB-C to the latest iPhone 15 models.
  USB Type-C is a versatile, backward-compatible, and future-proof connector. While the standard doesn't necessarily reflect speed increase, it is capable of much quicker data transfer.
  USB Type-C also allows charging a wider range of devices because it can transmit up to 240W of power, which is enough to charge most laptops and ridiculously quick charging of smartphones.
USB Type-C
  That means you can use a single cable with a USB Type-C connector to quickly transfer data to your device while you charge it.
  But the most interesting thing about USB-C is that the connector is reversible: there is no "right way up." You can blindly stick it into a port on a device, and it'll smoothly go in and work without the never-ending hassle of searching for the correct side.
  It's important to remember that USB-C does not denote the cable's speed or capabilities; it is just the name of the plug. That's why USB-C cables can vary greatly in transfer and charging speeds. That's why you'll hear about USB4 2.0 or USB 3.2 - these are the data transfer standards.
  So, you can get a USB 2 USB-C cable which supports data transfer of up to 480 Mbps, or you can get a USB4 2.0 USB-C cable - it supports up to 80 Gbps speeds. The difference is quite massive.