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Solution to insufficient power supply of USB splitter

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Update time : 2023-09-04 11:00:58
  Solution to insufficient power supply of USB splitter
USB splitter
  1. If you use a 4-port USB splitter to connect a tablet computer, the tablet computer can work normally at this time, whether it is charging or reading data on the tablet computer, there is no problem at all. , because the real current required by the tablet is 1.5A, all the current on the USB splitter is supplied to the tablet.
  2. Other devices consume a lot of power, resulting in insufficient power supply. For example, if you use a 4-port USB splitter to connect 4 tablet computers, the power supply will definitely be insufficient at this time, so we need to connect a 5V4A power supply externally. To ensure that the 4 tablet computers can work normally.
  3. The length of the data line of the Usb splitter may also affect its power supply. The longer the data line, the smaller the current may lead to insufficient power supply of the usb splitter interface. At this time, an external power supply can also be connected to ensure that the usb Normal power supply to the interface.
  4. Use an extension cable with dual USB plugs on one end, and insert both plugs into the USB ports on the motherboard (one of them is specially for power);
  5. Use a USB extension cable with a PS/2 (that is, mouse round port) plug (the PS/2 plug is used to take power);
  6. Use a USB HUB with a power supply (if there is more than one point, please also pay attention to only connect one device to each port and do not add an extension cable).
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