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What are the commonly used chips for USB

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Update time : 2023-06-25 11:01:49
 usb hub IC
      Low-speed IC, transfer rate 1.5MBit/S
  EM78M612: 16PIN, 18PIN, 20PIN, 24PIN, 112 BYTE RAM, 2K ROM with A/D, EEPROM, PWM functions, with two endpoints EP0 and EP1.
  EM78M611: 20PIN, 24PIN, 40PIN, 44PIN (QFP), 144BYTE RAM, 6K ROM, A/D, EEPROM, PWM function, with EP0, EP1, EP2 three endpoints.
  Full speed IC: transfer rate 12MBit/S
  EM78M680: 20PIN, 24PIN, 40PIN, 44PIN (QFP), 271 BYTE RAM, 6K ROM, A/D, EEPROM, PWM function, with 5 endpoints.
  Full-speed IC: transmission data rate 12MBIT/S
  EM77F900: 100PIN; 1.3K RAM, 16K FLASH, 48MHz (1 clocks/cycle); with A/D, PWM, SPI, USB HUB, BB and other functions, with 4 endpoints.
  USB control chip: CY7C68013, CH375, CP2102, TL16C750, etc.;
  High-speed IC: transmission speed 480Mbit/s;
  USB control chip: FT2232H, cy7c68013, etc.