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How to connect external power supply to usb hub

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Update time : 2023-12-19 09:52:42
  A USB hub is a device that provides connection and charging capabilities for multiple USB devices. Typically, it gets its power supply by connecting to a computer or other power supply device. However, in some cases, users may need to connect additional power supplies to meet higher power requirements or extend the range of use.
  To connect an external power supply to a USB hub, you first need to determine whether the hub has a port dedicated to external power. This port is usually labeled "DC IN," "POWER," or similar, and may have a slightly different shape than a regular USB port.
USB hub
  Once you find a port suitable for external power, you can select the appropriate type of adapter to connect it to. Depending on the hub model and specifications, the type of adapter required will vary. For example, some hubs may require a direct current (DC) adapter, while others require an alternating current (AC) adapter.
  After plugging the sele-cted adapter into the correctly labeled port on the hub, be sure to plug the other end into a reliable, stable power outlet that meets safety standards.
  When an external power source is successfully connected to the USB hub, it will draw the required energy from this new source and continue to provide full support to each USB device that is already connected to it and is in working condition.
  In short, if you need to increase the power output or extend the use distance in specific scenarios, you can consider connecting an external power supply to the USB hub.