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How to use a usb hub

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Update time : 2023-09-05 11:24:42
USB hub
  1. A USB hub is a device that provides extended communication. Whether the Hub can drive a 2.5-inch mobile hard drive when not connected to an external power supply mainly depends on the power supply capability of the computer expansion port.
  2. Generally, 2.5-inch mobile hard drives need to be powered by a computer or Hub, while 3.5-inch mobile hard drives require a high-power dedicated power supply; please do not connect such devices directly;
  3. Without external power supply: The current provided by a computer USB port is about 500MA, which is barely enough for a 2.5-inch mobile hard disk. If it consumes part of it through the USB hub, it is not enough for an ordinary 2.5-inch mobile hard disk. .
  4. The front USB port of many compatible computer cases has an extra connection and material problems such as wires, so the power supply capacity is even worse; it is very easy to cause the mobile hard disk to become unusable or even lose data and damage the hard disk;
  5. If your mobile hard drive makes a "clicking" sound, it is caused by insufficient power supply. For your mobile hard drive, it is recommended to connect the USB hub to the USB port integrated on the motherboard on the back of the chassis to ensure better performance. contact and power supply
  6. When using a mobile hard disk, please use the original USB power supply cable. Ordinary USB cables have thin wire diameters and high losses, and cannot meet power supply needs.